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Flexible seating research for parents
EDITABLE FREEBIE- Flexible Seating Letter
Is Flexible Seating Right for Your Classroom?
A large, studentless classroom, with large blue bouncy balls, sofa chairs, folding
After much research, I realized I could probably get more than enough different seating options for my classroom, while not spending a million dollars.
Top 3 Reasons to Use Flexible Seating in the Classroom
Flexible Seating
McLean flexible seating
First off, I can honestly say I will never go back to traditional seating. Flexible seating has revolutionized my classroom. My students are more focused, ...
The author's classroom, featuring an array of seating options
(Links to all of the seating options and where I purchased them can be found at the end of the post. That's always a popular question!)
Inform parents about your flexible seating adventures with this letter! Research from Kayla Delzer and Eric Klein included!
I told her my plans and she was onboard with me. So, here is our journey in implementing the first ever flexible seating in OUR elementary building!
Flexible seating classroom with classroom tables …
Flexible Seating Rules & Editable Parent Letter
Flexible Classroom Seating
Noodle Flexible Chair
Students in a classroom with teacher working with another group of students in the corner.
Flexible Seating-Parent Letter {Editable}
Mixed among their flexible seating options, Sutherland, Curts, and Maziarka still use traditional
The red and blue Backpatter Seats are movable. The couch also has power with USB and plug-in capability.
Explore Flexible Seating Options
This letter informs parents of the research behind flexible seating, focusing on information from ...
Flexible Seating: What's the Point?
Keep the “Flex” in Flexible Seating: Why Traditional Student Desks and Chairs Still Matter
How Furniture and Flexible Seating Is Turning Classroom Design Into a Fad
classroom desks starbucks classrooms
5 Steps to a Flexible-Seating Classroom
Flexible Seating Freebie - Parent Letter & Student Contract
A student uses the video-gaming rocker in the author's classroom.
I Failed at Flexible Seating
Flexible Seating Parent Letter- Editable
Are you interested in starting flexible seating, or have you started and feel that you
Flexible Seating 101 The Research
Flexible seating classroom with bean bag chairs around a low table.
This note to parents is a great way to explain why their student doesn't have a desk, the benefits of flexible seating (or alternative seating), ...
In the beginning, I removed desk legs, but I still had some regular desks and chairs in the room.
In addition to comfortable furniture, Polak kept some traditional seating, an arrangement that's typical
A high school classroom with flexible seating.
You can also see in the above pictures that we added TWO computer carts to our room. One holds all of our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices and the other ...
Flexible Seating Parent Information Letter Letter To Parents, Flexibility, Back Walkover
A colorful classroom with couches, collapsible desks, and scoop chairs
These students figured out that the table was in their way, so they quickly moved it. The blue bulletin boards on each side of the dry-erase board have now ...
How to implement and fund flexible seating! Blog post & freebie! 5th Grade Classroom
Classroom Design Inspiration
Curtis flexible seating
Flexible Seating Parent Letter
Comfy teal and pink flexible seating classrooms
flexible seating
... include the papasan, on the floor around the coffee tables (often on pillows), and on my small stools. I have noticed my male students prefer sitting at ...
I call this large central area the “Anchor Spot.” It features a couch, bench, chair, 2 coffee tables and 2 end tables, with an area rug to define the space.
Moyers's students have a range of table heights to choose from, a common feature of
Shifting your Mindset to start Flexible Seating
Tale of An Accidental Teacher's Flexible Seating game is on point!
Nichole Murray switched from traditional desk seating to flexible seating in the middle of last year
This First Grade classroom in Nampa, Idaho was the first in the school to try flexible seating, last year. Since then, the majority of the classrooms in the ...
How Furniture and Flexible Seating Is Turning Classroom Design Into a Fad
A view of Murray's full classroom, which represents a first-year transition from traditional
Flexible Seating Classroom!
Being uncomfortable is unhealthy in numerous ways, but most importantly it does not improve attention and work ethic. As an adult, I can not or could not, ...
Why Flexible Seating?
A bouncy cushion is one flexible seating option in Kelli Keedwell's kindergarten class at Ramstein Elementary School, Germany.
When Kayla Delzer redesigned her classroom, stability balls were just one of the seating options. (Photo: Kaia Lea Photography)
Now, at any given time, there are different seats all over the room. There are three Hokki stools at the trapezoid table along with an Otto Stool, ...
This is my classroom prior to starting the transformation—very traditional and too crowded. Notice all the desks. They take up space and leave no room for ...
Just Kristen to the Core
On Musical Chairs Day no is ever tardy and in fact, students get to class earlier than usual.
I'd love to hear how your adventure with flexible seating has gone! Please share in the comments. :)
'Starbucks classrooms,' plus six other new approaches in education
I am here today to share my journey of CHOOSING to create this environment for my students, the implementation, the reasons and more!
... suggest sending home a letter to parents explaining what you will be doing, the rules, etc. Here is a copy of the letter that I gave to the parents:
Flexible-Seating Classrooms with trampoline, sofas, rainbow-color theme
So are you ready to get started with flexible seating yourself? Here's the perfect start up set to help you out! This huge FLEXIBLE SEATING BUNDLE includes ...
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wobble boards, bench seating in a flexible seating classroom australia
Any time I post a picture of flexible seating ...
So I have watched the flexible seating craze go on for the last few years and I always dismissed it. I thought it would cause to much chaos in my carefully ...